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The NLEX is equipped with state-of-the art technology that promotes motorists’ safety and convenience.

Closed Circuit Television Cameras. There are 48 CCTV cameras strategically positioned along the NLEX to monitor traffic and 38 CCTV cameras to check goings-on inside the toll booths.

Variable Message Signs. 27 digital outdoor display signs flash safety reminders and traffic updates daily.

Speed Radar Guns. Speed radars are installed to detect vehicles going over the speed limit of 100 kph.

Impact Attenuators. Six sets of impact attenuators, the only one of their kind in the Philippines, have been installed at the NLEX’s Balintawak and Bocaue Toll Plazas. The impact attenuators protect both crew and equipment from errant vehicles.

Lighting Arrestors. 14 lightning arrestors protect the expressway’s communication system.

Speed Stopping Lane. Located at the northbound approach to the Balintawak Toll Plaza is a gravel arrester bed that stops short a vehicle’s momentum when its brakes fail.

Solid Wall Fence. The entire expressway is fenced to keep pedestrians and wayward animals from crossing the NLEX.

Guard Rails. Vehicles are protected from going off deep ravine by adequate guard rails on shoulders.

Rumble Strips. Thermoplastic lane markings painted across some choice spots alert inattentive or drowsy drivers.