Anti-Overloading Campaign

Rediscover the North

NLEX has opened doors to new tourism opportunities, making it the "Gateway to the North." MNTC carried out its own "Rediscover the North" tourism campaign, which aims to spur tourism in northern Philippines, the region that hosts many of the country’s premier destinations. MNTC showcased exciting places in the North Luzon – both renowned and less renowned, in its corporate calendars. With highly appealing designs and arresting visuals of the hand-picked destinations, the calendar was a potent year-round promotion of the splendor and excitement that awaits one up North.

Through the initiatives of MNTC, the North Philippines Visitors’ Bureau (NPVB) was developed and organized. Aimed at bringing back the tourism glory of northern Philippines, the NPVB is a private, non-stock, membership-based organization whose primary thrust is the promotion of a destination through events and conventions. The NPVB is the umbrella organization for Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVBs) all over North Philippines that promote travel to the region.

The NPVB consists of the following CVBs:

  • Pangasinan East
  • Pangasinan West
  • Tarlac
  • Pampanga